Carlyle Gardens Computer Club Needs help

The Carlyle Gardens Computer Club needs help in finding material for its web site. If you know about the early history of the club, please contact Eric.

About this web site

This prototype web site is initially being prepared by Apple Group Enthusiasts Division (AGED) of the Carlyle Gardens Computer Club. See more about Apple and AGED on MacLeak eventually. We do not want too much Apple specific material on the computer club web site.


I don't like the appearance, I hear you say. Neither do I!

To get things started quickly, I have styled the appearance of the site using an old cascading style sheet (CSS). The appearance of every page on the whole site can be radically changed by changing the content of this style sheet (or by changing the way your web browser views the site). This is the proper way to design a web site, because one CSS change affects the whole site without any need to rewrite each page.

However we need someone with artistic sensibilities to help with the appearance and colour choices used. Otherwise you get to keep the bilious green until I get sick and tired of it (or until you switch off style sheets in your web browser).


Dwarf iconWanted immediately. An artist who can design a better favicon icon for the club. A favicon is the tiny little logo that appears in your web browser when you open a web site. When I started I used an unartistic garden gnome. However I disliked that so much I changed it to just say CGCC